PowerShell tricks – Use Show-Command to add a simple GUI to your functions

The Show-Command cmdlet has been introduced in PowerShell Version 3 and is very useful to help discovering and learning more about PowerShell cmdlets and their respective parameters (also built into the ISE as the Show-Command Add-on).: Show-Command can be also utilized for your own functions in order to provide your users with a simple GUI […]

PowerShell tricks – Useful default parameters to add to your profile

Since version 3 PowerShell introduced $PSDefaultParameterValues which is a built-in preference variable which lets you specify default values for any cmdlet or advanced function. You can read much more about it inside the respective help file. In a nutshell $PSDefaultParameterValues is a hash-table where (in its most common version) the key consists of the cmdlet […]

PowerShell tricks – Using dot(s) to refer to the current location

Most people are aware that PowerShell supports commandline navigation in the same way as the good old command prompt (see my previous post Improve PowerShell commandline navigation for ways to enhance this): The above is using cd as the alias for the Set-Location Cmdlet providing: One dot as an argument for the Path parameter representing […]