PowerShell tricks – Useful default parameters to add to your profile

Since version 3 PowerShell introduced $PSDefaultParameterValues which is a built-in preference variable which lets you specify default values for any cmdlet or advanced function. You can read much more about it inside the respective help file. In a nutshell $PSDefaultParameterValues is a hash-table where (in its most common version) the key consists of the cmdlet name and parameter name separated by a colon (:) and the value is the custom default value:


I’ve added the following default parameter values to my profile (You can read here and here on how to work with profiles):

$PSDefaultParameterValues.Add('Export-Csv:NoTypeInformation', $true)
$PSDefaultParameterValues.Add('Get-Member:Force', $true)
$PSDefaultParameterValues.Add('Format-List:Property', '*')
$PSDefaultParameterValues.Add('Set-Location:Path', '..')
$PSDefaultParameterValues.Add('Get-Help:Detailed', $true )

What are other default parameter values that you use?


Photo Credit: coloneljohnbritt via Compfight cc


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