Graph theory with PowerShell

When I try to learn a new technical topic it is easier for me to do/experience the new topic through a technology I already know about. That’s why I perfer to play around with things in PowerShell even though there might be better ways of doing the same using another technology. In this post I’m going to explore a bit of graph theory based on chapter 2 of the execellent book “Think Complexity 2e” by Allen B. Downey (in fact I’d highly recommend any of the books in the “Think…” series some of which I might cover in future posts).

Using PowerShell Jupyter notebooks for blogging

In this post I would like to share how one can use PowerShell Jupyter Notebooks with .Net interactive (The .Net interactive Notebook feature has also been recently introduced by the PowerShell team (see here)) as a blogging platform for or Markdown based static site generators like Jeykll. In fact the blog post you are currently reading is entirely based on such a notebook. You can open the notebook and interactively run the PowerShell code using this link or start with a new PowerShell notebook from this link. While this blog post/notebook will not contain much PowerShell code I’m planning to use this for all my blog posts going forward.

Installing and setting up PowerShell PSReadline with predictive IntelliSense

The PowerShell Team recently announced the new predictive IntelliSense feature for the excellent built-in (since version 5.1) PSReadline module. While the PowerShell Team's post already fully covers the functionality of the feature, I actually struggled to install this on Windows PowerShell 5.1 and would like to share my experience in case someone else encounters a … Continue reading Installing and setting up PowerShell PSReadline with predictive IntelliSense

Automate GUIs with UIAutomation in PowerShell

In this post, I would like to describe how to utilize the Microsoft UIAutomation framework through PowerShell to automate GUIs. Since the UIAutomation assembly already comes with .Net it also can be accessed directly through PowerShell. Using UIAutomation directly actually turns out to be quite cumbersome therefore I will also show you how to use … Continue reading Automate GUIs with UIAutomation in PowerShell