Using Everything search command line (es.exe) via PowerShell

Everything by voidtools is a great search utility for Windows. It returns almost instantaneous results for file and folder searches by utilizing the Master File Table(s). There is also a command-line version of everything (es.exe) and this post is about a wrapper I wrote in PowerShell around es.exe. The full version including full help (which […]

“Please wait while windows configures Microsoft Visual Studio…” when starting Excel

I got this dialog (“Please wait while windows configures Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013”) on every Excel (2010) start up shortly after I had installed Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. In my case it delayed the Excel start-up for several minutes. In order to get rid of the quite annoying dialog I just created a […]

PowerShell scope write-up

I have seen and experienced myself quite some confusion and frustration around the application and understanding of scope using PowerShell. This is an attempt to write up a summary of the different aspects of how PowerShell handles scope which hopefully helps some people to understand it better. TOC: Definition and purpose of scope Lexical vs. […]