Automatically clean-up excel data with multiple entries per cell separated by comma or line-breaks

This is a follow-up from a previous post where I did the same using PowerShell. A short recap first. The goal is to turn something like this: Into this: In the original state some of the cells have multiple entries that are either separated by comma or line-breaks (via Alt+Enter). Furthermore several of those entries […]

Using the Excel intersection operator

One of the lesser-known features of Excel is the intersection operator which can be used to simplify look-up operations. An intersection is the overlap of two or more cell ranges within excel. For instance: In the screenshot below the ranges C1:C5 and B3:D3 (Cell ranges in Excel are written by using the range operator “:”) […]

“Please wait while windows configures Microsoft Visual Studio…” when starting Excel

I got this dialog (“Please wait while windows configures Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013”) on every Excel (2010) start up shortly after I had installed Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. In my case it delayed the Excel start-up for several minutes. In order to get rid of the quite annoying dialog I just created a […]