Using PowerShell to clean-up excel data with multiple entries per cell

How many times did you come across a situation where you were supposed to work with Data that looks like this?: Some of the cells have multiple entries that are either separated by comma or line-breaks (via Alt+Enter). Furthermore several of those entries contain extraneous spaces. Happy days! What would be actually needed in order […]

PowerShell Error – “Select-Object : Cannot convert System.Object[] to one of the following types…”

I came across a bug (at least I would assume this a bug) in PowerShell while using the Select-Object (alias select) cmdlet in conjunction with a mix of literal and variable arguments for the Property parameter (attempting to use Get-ChangeLog with a multiple column identifier). Select-Object’s Property parameter accepts either an array of objects, or […]

Search file content by keyword using Everything + PowerShell + GUI

Even with Windows 10 MS still didn’t manage to include a proper in-built file search functionality. If it is about searching for files I definitely prefer the excellent Everything search engine (see also my post on a PowerShell wrapper around Everything commandline) .But quite frequently I also need to search for keywords/pattern within files. PowerShell’s […]