Get .net Format Strings for given input

Yet again, long time no post!
.net Format Strings are very useful when it comes to taking control over the output of your scripts. e.g.:

'{0:t}' -f (Get-Date)
#output: h:mm tt
'{0:n1}' -f 2.45
#output: 2.5

The problem with those Format Strings is, that hardly anyone can remember them. While there they are thoroughly documented and several nice folks have created cheat-sheets (e.g. here), I thought it would be nice to be able to get (at least the most common) Format Strings for a given input automatically along with the respective outputs within PowerShell.
The function returns output for Integer, Double, and DateTime input. You can download Get-FormatStrings from my GithHub repository or just grab the code below:


Photo Credit: sharkbait via Compfight cc


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