Fix: Chrome won’t start or taking a long time to start


Two simple, yet not intuitive solutions to solve two quite annoying Chrome problems (worked for me on Windows 10 and Windows 8).

1. Chrome browser refuses to launch

Solution: Reset the winsock catalog (see and for more details).:

  1. Open an elevated command prompt (see here)
  2. Type: netsh winsock reset and hit Enter
  3. Restart your PC

2. Chrome takes a very long time to launch:

Solution: Disable hardware acceleration:

  1. Open chrome and type chrome://settings into the address bar and hit Enter
  2. Scroll down and click “Show advanced setttings…”
  3. Scroll further down and untick the box next to “Use hardware accelartion when available”


Photo Credit: Dakiny via Compfight cc


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