Automatically convert an Excel table to a checklist for JIRA

JIRA supports a subset of Wiki Markup to add tables and other formatting to fields like Description or Comments. Writing the Wiki Markup manually is a bit time consuming though. To make the process a bit easier I ended up writing a Macro that converts an Excel based task tracker list into JIRA.
From this:
Into that:
Running the Macro will copy the Wiki Markup to the clipboard from where it can be pasted into JIRA.
The Macro relies on a mapping between Status values and supported Markup symbols and assumes that the selected cell is within the range that needs to be converted before running the Macro. The VBA project requires the following additional references:

  1. Microsoft Scripting Runtime (for the Dictionary object)
  2. Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library (for the DataObject to provide the copy to clipboard functionality)

A Workbook containing the example can also be downloaded from GitHub.


Photo Credit: chantrybee via Compfight cc


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